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aAct before it ’ s too late

Ransomware has become one of the most common , high-impact threats in the cybersecurity landscape . Ransomware attacks are more expensive than other types of breaches ; the cost and frequency of these attacks are increasing ; and every industry has suffered high-profile incidents .
All organizations must now consider themselves a potential target for this threat and build an effective defense against it before they suffer an incident .
This eBook will teach you how to do just that . It will dive deep into :
• The typical attack you ’ ll see if you suffer a ransomware campaign
• The exact tactics you must deploy to defend your organization at every stage of a ransomware campaign – before , during , and after the attack
• The five steps you can take to develop an effective ransomware defense ASAP
• The role that proper tooling plays in building an effective ransomware defense
• Why legacy security tools typically fail to defend modern environments against ransomware
• How Tanium corrects the failings of legacy tools and the role this solution can play in building an effective and efficient defense against ransomware – fast
• How Tanium has delivered effective security for many organizations
• How to leverage Tanium to augment or develop your ransomware defense �
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