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Pascal Holt , Director of Marketing , Iceotope , considers how Edge Computing and other growing technology innovations such as AI are changing the landscape for financial service organisations .

Edge Computing , cloud and AI are changing the competitive landscape for financial service organisations . In a highly sophisticated and digitally mature market , speed and efficiency have become paramount to securing an advantage in retaining customers and maximising profits .

For traditional retail banks , Edge Computing creates opportunities to improve customer service , reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance . It also enables banks to personalise their services by processing data quickly and effectively . These real-time analytics translate to bespoke value-added services that provide the customer with exactly what they need .
High-frequency trading firms utilise Edge Computing to maximise profits on high-volume , low-margin trades . Edge Computing brings computation and data storage closer to where the data is being generated . Reducing latency issues can help a firm gain a competitive advantage in high-speed order execution .
Defining the Edge
The Edge is the physical location where things and people connect with the networked digital world and it ’ s changing the way we process data . We are moving towards a more interactive world . Data is no longer merely being pushed towards us on our devices , but rather it ’ s being
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