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CASHING IN compliance to those regulations required by law .

Challenges ahead
Many banks have net zero targets they are trying to achieve by 2030 . The Big Six US banks have announced a variety of carbon neutral and net zero plans in the last two years . In addition , the UN-backed Net Zero Banking Alliance is bringing together more than 100 banks from 40 countries to align their lending and investment portfolios with net-zero emissions by 2050 .
From a data centre perspective – whether that be in the cloud , on-premises , in colocation , or at the Edge – technology solutions are available today to help achieve these goals . Advanced liquid cooling solutions can achieve a 1.03 PUE or below . Precision immersion liquid cooling , for example , captures 95 % of server heat inside the chassis , significantly reducing energy costs and emissions associated with server cooling . Water consumption
For traditional retail banks , Edge Computing creates opportunities to improve customer service , reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance .
is negligible as little to no mechanical chilling is required .
Beyond sustainability , there are some unique considerations for Edge Computing . IT computing loads are usually required to operate reliably in locations not built specifically for IT equipment . Whether it is indoors around people or in harsh external environments , the equipment needs to be purpose-built for Edge Computing . With precision immersion liquid cooling , the sealed chassis form factor provides the same kind of protected environmentally controlled conditions found in a data centre facility . It is also designed to withstand all types of IT environments with minimal impact on its local surroundings .
Edge Computing is just starting to make an impact on the financial services industry . As technology continues to improve customer service and increase competitive advantages , it will become more important than ever for organisations to have the right solutions in place to enable those opportunities . Many of these applications are pushing the limits of existing technologies and opening the door to new alternatives . Now is the time for organisations to take a bold step and embrace these new technologies . � www . intelligentfin . tech