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work on innovative projects in science and technology . It can be claimed by a range of companies that seek to research or develop an advance in their field . It can even be claimed on unsuccessful projects .
Northern Accountants initially formed a relationship with an R & D tax expert to outsource these services . However , Ellerby explained that they would end up doing a lot of the work , and it wasn ’ t of great value to the team : “ It was clear that there was a gap in our services that we could offer our clients . There were times when we weren ’ t prepared to submit an R & D claim on behalf of our clients because we didn ’ t believe that what had been produced was factual . Instead , we wanted to provide them with a streamlined R & D process where we could both prepare and submit the claims – without using third parties .” Then , Northern Accountants came across WhisperClaims during a Mastermind group session . The need for R & D support and automation tools using WhisperClaims ’ R & D platform was clear , and the companies started working together in 2018 .
Revolutionising R & D
The partnership was heightened during the COVID-19 lockdown period , as
Northern Accountants recognised that businesses had both more time available and a greater necessity to look into R & D and , as a result , increased the number of claims they were taking on . Ellerby said : “ All of a sudden , we went from doing very little R & D tax to doing an awful lot of it . Now , we have a repeated revenue stream because our clients continue to operate in the R & D sphere and make claims – WhisperClaims has been revolutionary in helping us to be able to deliver this service .”
To date , Northern Accountants has completed more than 100 claims using www . intelligentfin . tech