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Struggling against rising food and energy prices can take its toll on stress levels and mental health .
To keep team morale up , offer an Employee Assistance Programme ( EAP ). This gives your employees access to 24 / 7 , confidential support from trained counsellors on anything from relationship struggles to financial issues . An investment in them is an investment in your business .
You might also be able to offer some additional days off or more flexible working hours , without too much expense . Little gestures can go a long way in acknowledging that work-life balance has never been more important .
Take proactive steps to be ahead of the curve and recession-proof your business .
3 . Upskill your staff
Long term , people want to see an investment in their growth and development from their employer . Your business is only ever as strong as your team . So , keeping your people ’ s skills fresh with bespoke , interactive training is a great way to not only invest in them and prove your commitment to their development but make sure they ’ re up to speed and performing in line with your needs .
4 . Put your process under the microscope
When it comes to providing a great service or product , continuity is king . But in difficult
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