Intelligent Issue 07 | Page 29



CIOs and CISOs must shift their mindset from network-centric security to data-centric security in order to have visibility over their data , says Petko Stoyanov , Global Chief Technology Officer at Forcepoint . He examines why this is important and offers some best practice advice for simplifying security when it comes to the cloud .

The perimeter is not dead , it just moved . It relocated from the network where it used to be for decades , to where your data lives today . So , let ’ s ask this : is your house in order ?

Many organisations don ’ t know where their data is , let alone how to protect it . If they can find it , they can control access and secure the data if it ever gets out . As the focus narrows to data , what we previously thought of as network-level security disappears . Security becomes all about access and control . As security and business executives seek greater control over their data in 2023 and years to come , we expect organisations to continue consolidating security capabilities and move towards unification and simplicity , driven by the evolution of multi-clouds .
As we consider how security will evolve , let ’ s first dust off the medieval analogy of castle and moat – particularly as we consider the future . Instead of building one big castle and moat ( the traditional network perimeter ), the data perimeter consists now of many little houses and gardens .
Each has a single door : the Zero Trust Network Access ( ZTNA ) door . To have visibility of their data and to keep it safe , CIOs and CISOs must shift their mindset
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