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Turning to another function of outsourcing now , Ian McAlister , General Manager , CRS Technologies , talks to us about outsourcing the mission-critical business of payroll . . . .
Pressure on payroll administrators is mounting as the ripple effect of increased regulation , a strained economy and a skills shortage spread throughout the labour market . These payroll professionals are much more than mere pencil-pushing number crunchers . Without consistent meticulous attention to detail , a business ’ payroll will implode and potentially cripple the operation . But competent , experienced payroll administrators are not easy to find and not every business operator is fortunate to have a permanent skills resource readily available . This is why BPO or business process outsourcing is growing in popularity .
Compliance is tightly knit with a company ’ s key processes ; thus , every outsourcing partner must be carefully assessed .
Human capital management specialist , CRS Technologies says the option to appoint an outsourced payroll services provider to manage this business discipline has become more attractive .
“ This is because an experienced BPO payroll services provider offers up several benefits for businesses , most notably improved efficiency , reduced operating expenses and less risk ,” said Ian McAlister , General Manager , CRS Technologies .
But before a company can begin to benefit , it is important that leaders understand the fundamentals of BPO .
There are two types of BPO – front office and back office . Front-office outsourcing focuses on activities that are external to the company , such as marketing and customer service , while back-office BPO is all about the internal facets of the business , such as payroll and human resources .
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