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Met Police facing financial crime recruitment crisis

The Met Policy unit – which deals with major crimes including financial crime , cyberthreats , homicide , firearms , drugs and armed robbery – is facing a recruitment crisis with more than 300 vacancies in its ranks , a report has revealed .

Specialist Crime Command , one of the Met ’ s busiest units , is struggling to fill posts in a number of key areas because the highly trained officers can get better pay and conditions in the private sector .
The resourcing crisis is particularly keenly felt in the area of financial crime , where specialist investigators and analysts are proving extremely difficult to recruit and retain .
A report from His Majesty ’ s Inspectorate of Constabulary , Fire and Rescue Services ( HMICFRS ) warned that the lack of resources is having an impact on the force ’ s ability to tackle serious and organised crime .
As well as dealing with murder , robbery , gang crime and modern slavery , specialist crime command also has responsibility for economic and cybercrime , online and child sexual exploitation .
“ Recruiting staff with high levels of security expertise is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations like the Met Police ,” said Suid Adeyanju , CEO , RiverSafe . “ The rising threat posed by cyberattacks , alongside the digital skills shortfall , means the pressure is on to rapidly upskill existing employees in order to plug the gap .

TreasurUp and TradeCrediTech digitise credit risk management and trade insurance for SMBs

TreasurUp and TradeCrediTech ( TCT ) have announced their partnership to digitise credit risk management and trade credit insurance for SMBs .

“ There is a lot to optimise in the world of trade credit insurance ,” said Niels van Daatselaar , CEO of TreasurUp . “ Most SMBs do know about or understand trade credit insurance products . Banks mainly refer to trade credit insurance brokers where a separate onboarding needs to take place . On top of that , most policies are still being generated offline .”
Flemming Bengtsen , CEO of TCT , added : “ Our platform connects TreasurUp and their clients to brokers and insurers including Nimbla . Offering a fully digitised and automated journey it is the future of trade credit protection .”
In this partnership , TCT manages an insurance integration platform , throTrugh , in which banks manage the trade credit insurance of their SMB end-users purchased through insurers . TreasurUp will offer the trade credit platform to certain banks and integrate it into its online Commercial Banking portal .
The Trade Credit Insurance module banks can offer its SMB clients includes : online credit checking , credit reports , suggested credit limits and ultimately request a policy for credit insurance , single invoice and buyer but also whole turnover products .
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