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Greetings and a warm welcome to Intelligent Fin . tech . We trust that you have had a rejuvenating month and are eager to delve into this newest edition .

For our cover story this month , we feature Richard Wormald , Division President , Australasia at Mastercard .
Wormald highlights the success of Mastercard ’ s innovative solution . By tokenising CBDCs onto various Blockchains , consumers now have a secure and convenient option to engage in commerce across multiple platforms .
“ As demonstrated in this project , the solutions that play a key role in Multi Token Network have the potential to enable new levels of interoperability between Blockchains , in a safe and secure manner . By enabling people to easily move digital currencies ondemand , via Mastercard ’ s trusted network , more consumers could participate in crypto ecosystems using reputable and reliable forms of money ,” said Wormald .
From SMEs to large enterprises , business leaders and CFOs are running to keep up with the latest pay technology ( PayTech ). This month I ask experts : “ How do you perceive the future of payment technology , considering recent advancements and the evolving regulatory landscape ?”
With an introduction from the experts at Natwest , these professionals offer their thoughts on page 25 .
Our Regional Round-Up on page 44 , focuses on the Africa . African small and medium businesses face roadblocks on their digitalisation journeys and research by Microsoft shows 47 % of SMBs find cost of new technologies to be a restrictive factor for adoption , while 38 % have difficulty comparing solutions driving the need for cloud marketplaces .
We explore how Colombia ’ s Banco de Bogotá is pioneering the adoption of Metaverse as an epicentre for training and collaboration .
Dive into the initiative on page 63 .
We also have a range of ‘ Intelligent ’ pages , which feature the latest strides in the cloud , security , mobile , software , Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence space .
I hope you enjoy this issue and if you would like to contribute to any future editions then please do not hesitate to contact me .
Ellen Flannery , Editor
Read the full article on page 48 .
Willy Sennott , the EVP FinOps at Vega Cloud says the longer you delay your FinOps initiative , the more money you leave on the table and dives into everything FinOps on page 17 .


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