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Adyen brings unified commerce to Japan with in-person payments

Adyen , a global financial technology platform of choice for leading businesses , has launched its unified commerce solution in Japan . Unified commerce gives businesses end-toend control of transactions across different sales channels on Adyen ’ s single platform , enabling innovative and new customer journeys such as click-and-collect , endless aisle and crosschannel returns .

As Japan moves away from cash and with more businesses expanding their sales channels , there is a tremendous growth opportunity for businesses that have an integrated overview of all transactions . In a survey , Adyen found there is a 24 % increase in growth among Japanese businesses that connect payment systems across their business compared to those that don ’ t . However , only 16 % of Japanese businesses said that their payments system is connected to other parts of the organisation , such as operations , supply chain management or inventory management .
“ This isn ’ t simply about digitisation or going cashless . It ’ s about being fast , flexible and building for growth . Very few platforms in Japan can centrally merge payment data from stores and e-commerce sites and none can do it on a global scale . This means our merchants in Japan will be able to tap into the same Adyen tools our biggest global merchants are using to optimise authorisation rates , block fraud and provide seamless crosschannel journeys ,” said Roelant Prins , Chief Commercial Officer at Adyen .

Clarity AI empowers consumers to shop consciously with Klarna

Clarity AI has announced that Klarna is using its Clarity AI ’ s data and capabilities to promote environmentally conscious brands to 150 million shoppers .

Sustainability is becoming a major concern for shoppers . Yet , so far , much of the attention in the market has been focused on the fashion industry . To shed light on a new category , Klarna will initially feature ways to shop consciously – powered by Clarity AI ’ s capabilities – to those shopping for electronics across thousands of brands in 22 countries around the world .
As a whole , the technology industry is expected to produce around 14 % of global emissions by 2040 – up from 3 %. As well as the energy demand from the usage of electronic devices , their production and disposal have a significant environmental impact . Producing these devices equals or exceeds the carbon cost of using them .
According to the Q3 2022 Klarna Shopping Pulse , 62 % of US shoppers say that sustainability when shopping for electronics is important to them ( e . g ., that the product is made of more sustainable materials or the brand is taking active steps towards climate change ). Also , the study showed that over two-thirds of Americans think it ’ s important that the brands they buy actively combat climate change and use recycled or sustainable materials in their products , and 24 % of Americans actively seek out brands that are ethical and sustainable .
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