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The last few years have challenged the status quo more than any other time in recent history . The pandemic influenced nearly every aspect of our world , including the need to quickly adapt to a touchless and socially distanced environment . This new landscape introduced an interesting paradigm – on one hand , there was an increased demand for new technologies to support remote working at scale , while on the other , the same demand created shortages for the very technologies needed to address these challenges .

And so , the security industry as we know it had to adapt quickly and seamlessly . Given this scenario , there is an invaluable advantage in better understanding what ’ s driving the next innovations and the technology that supports them .
With more than 30 years of experience , HID was in a unique position to gather perspectives from security professionals about the topics they are most concerned about addressing in 2023 . Our survey revealed five common themes .
1 . Sustainability is important to businesses
End users are increasingly demanding that suppliers provide footprint transparency in terms of their operations , product sourcing and research and development practices . Respondents are saying that sustainability is important or extremely important .
To support this growing demand , security teams are leveraging the cloud and the Internet of Things , even more , to optimise processes and reduce resources . Additionally , new products and solutions are being strategically developed to address sensible energy usage , waste reduction and resource optimisation .
Key Considerations time understanding your customers ’ sustainability goals to ensure your strategy aligns with their expectations and vice versa .
• Plan for ESG metrics – While almost every manufacturer has waste , recycling and disposal plans , leading organisations also have a robust procurement and product development blueprint that incorporates reporting of that data , such as greenhouse gas emissions and regulatory compliance .
• Favour sustainably minded suppliers – Identify and work with suppliers who demonstrate sustainability efforts in their organisations . This creates a sustainability component within the full value chain and helps you communicate sustainability KPIs and ROI .
2 . Hybrid work is here to stay
The majority of survey respondents are offering a hybrid work model . With that , Multi-Factor Authentication and passwordless authentication have become important in adapting to hybrid and remote work . Mobile and digital IDs are also growing trends .
Key considerations :
• Integrate physical and logical infrastructure – Security and IT
Gustavo Gassman , Vice President & Head of Emerging Markets , HID
teams must join forces to successfully integrate identity and access management tools with physical security devices .
• Establish a Zero Trust framework – As organisations continue to demand SaaS-delivered identities that work as one for physical and logical access , there will be greater involvement of security and risk leaders in defining access policies for all users .
• Break out of silos – Collaboration between IT and security will become
• Develop a roadmap – Sustainability programmes require an actionable roadmap with defined objectives and goals , projects and plans . Spend
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