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“ Implementing Okta MFA was completely frictionless ,” Winter added . “ I say , that because I hardly knew it had happened . If it ’ s not on my desk , I know it ’ s gone smoothly and Atlas Identity took care of everything , ensuring that our rollout didn ’ t cause any disruption .”
Enabling a secure clientfacing online service
With the workforce side of the business secured , the next phase of the project involved Generali GC & C ’ s business-toconsumer ( B2C ) portal . This was the first time Generali GC & C had offered an online service for its clients , so it was entirely new territory .
Okta ’ s Enterprise Federation ensured a secure and seamless handover of all the apps its clients needed access to , while leaving all of the Customer Identity and Access Management ( CIAM ) heavy lifting to Okta .
This was even more crucial with its B2B underwriting platform , Generisk . As this system is accessed by external brokers . Yanna wanted to ensure Generisk could be left to perform its core tasks while leaving IAM to Okta .
“ Generisk is a jewel in our crown , it ’ s our core platform ,” Winter said . “ We ripped out our existing IAM components and implemented Okta in their place . That was so important because now Generisk can focus on being a specialist underwriting platform . Okta takes care of identity management so that Generisk doesn ’ t have to .”
Maximising Okta ’ s benefits business-wide Generali GC & C has come a long way from the on-premises business it was . Now , just over three years into its six-year plan , Generali GC & C is looking to deepen its integrations with Okta . Leveraging deeper Lifecycle Management ( LCM ) automation is just one example .
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