Intelligent Issue 05 | Page 51


Generali GC & C had initially been using LCM in a B2B scenario to grant its partners access to the applications they needed . Before Okta , an IT admin would have to grant access to these apps manually , resulting in partners waiting three to five days before access was granted . With Okta this is automated , meaning partners get access to what they need without the wait . This also eradicates 20 days of IT admin resource effort per year .
Using LCM , Generali GC & C hopes to ensure that whatever access is granted to the various elements of its infrastructure – whether that ’ s a customer , colleague or partner organisation – is provided in a timely , seamless fashion and that access is also revoked appropriately and automatically .
“ That ’ s the ambition ,” said Winter . “ We ’ ve already started implementing LCM for some quick wins , but now we are moving into the second phase . We need to be careful and cautious in how we proceed , but the benefits to this approach could be huge .”
As for the longer-term future , Winter is hopeful that the benefits that Okta has afforded her sector of the business can be rolled out and experienced elsewhere within the wider business .
“ Okta has been wonderful , one of the most fundamental parts of this journey ,” she added . “ The benefits of its implementation are paying off . It has proven itself in GC & C , now it ’ s time to start propagating that in some of the other business units too .” �
Okta takes care of identity management so that Generisk doesn ’ t have to . www . intelligentfin . tech