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structure , but Okta is the identity glue that holds all of these pieces of our business together .”
With such a complex structure to tend to , Generali GC & C had to be sure – once it had found the tools it needed – that it had a stable platform to use them with that would last for many years to come , particularly concerning Identity and Access Management ( IAM ). Okta offers that stability , with identity consolidation that passes the stringent regulatory constraints in its industry .
Generali GC & C knew it needed to find a partner to support its migration , to ensure a smooth rollout , but it took a failed implementation with another vendor before it found the perfect match . across the whole of our business . That was refreshing ,” said Winter .
Starting with Single Sign-On
As Generali GC & C began the process of moving away from its legacy onpremises data centres and into the cloud , Okta Single Sign-On ( SSO ) was one of the first solutions that Generali GC & C leveraged . This secured around 11 core workforce apps for 442 users , including all of the company ’ s central services , such as JIRA , SharePoint and ServiceDesk , as well as Dun and Bradstreet for data and analytics .
With Okta in charge of the identity side of things , Generali GC & C can now respond to internal data requests within minutes , rather than three weeks . This not only cuts their data request times , but it also boosts productivity .
“ SSO simply wasn ’ t possible for us before we found Okta ,” said Winter . “ It was seen as an insurmountable problem . People had multiple logins for multiple apps , which created a lack of productivity with people having to get in and out of applications about 50 times a day .”
But SSO was only one part of the puzzle in Generali GC & C ’ s move to the cloud . Okta ’ s Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA ) also proved key to ensuring the security of its apps , with 825 users enrolled in MFA .
“ We had to parachute Atlas Identity in when we were halfway through the process with another vendor . Overnight , the Atlas team stepped in and took ownership of the problem . And they cared about the broader picture : about how Okta would fit
We needed a solution that could optimise our core focuses – innovation , multiple businesses and expense . www . intelligentfin . tech